As pioneers in the firework industry we have engraved our work by lighting up the sky with magnificent displays. We are inspired by our deep-rooted traditions by a trade that goes back generations. Our true trademark is not only how our fireworks dance in the sky, but the smile left on faces at the end of every finale. Allow us to create a memory that will last a lifetime for your special event

Our Story Begins Like This

The business of fireworks has always been in our family’s blood, as early as the 1940’s when the patriarch of the family began buying packs of firecrackers and then reselling firecrackers by the piece. He would unravel a whole pack and just walk around selling. Then suddenly the young entrepreneur began noticing people looking for him, he began traveling all over seeking the best quality fireworks money could buy. The business just kept expanding with more and more customers seeking him out, he then became known as “The King of Fireworks”. Realizing his passion, he began going to China searching for the newest and highest quality fireworks ever exported to the United States, and along the way made many friends in the same business with the same passion and found himself with a great opportunity, not only could he import his own fireworks, but could buy some of the better-known exclusive labels domestically. He took pride in what he accomplished but could never realize the best was yet to come.   Growing up in the business was always exciting and you begin to have your own thoughts and dreams of one day being able to see the delight on the faces of those you serve.  Who would have thought there were so many people who enjoyed fireworks as much as you.  Our fireworks family looks forward to making you event part of our passion.